shout outs to ppl who actually take selfies in public. i don’t know why we mock them, that’s a level of confidence and not giving a fuck that i want to achieve one day

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A list of 36 things that I need to do but are overwhelming me to the point that I feel sick when I think about them so i dont do them and instead I go out or I stay in and think about my age and how much more of this I have left in my weird little life and this is just the beginning I’m barely an adult but adulthood is killing me 

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Anonymous asked:

the idea that afab nb people CAN'T and DON'T experience misogyny is so bizarre and potentially dangerous, especially when applied to young & vulnerable kids--like really, we're taking away their ability to name what they experience as misogyny, as if men don't relate to them as young girls? naming them as perpetrators/benefactors of misogyny because they're REally Men or something? it's just so not based in reality and it scares me to see very young kids repeating it. :-(

Elliot Smelliot Answer:


i am so ESPECIALLY baffled as to how this bullshit started too! like, what the fuck? that is the worst possible analysis! like, if you are trans in any capacity and/or seen as feminine in any capacity chances are pretty much certain that you’ve experienced misogyny at some point in your life. saying that suddenly afab nb folks no longer experience misogyny the second they stop fully identifying with womanhood is the most garbage, immaterial analysis i’ve ever seen.